I made my first paper dolls when I was eight years old so I probably shouldn’t be surprised that I’m making mostly costume-based art as a grownup. I took a circuitous path to get here, training in costume design and then working as a do-gooder lawyer. Thus I am now continually amazed to find myself creating quirkily beautiful art, and even more surprised that it can make a person I’ve never met smile. 

My work is inspired by my varied background, my obsession with historical fashion and my experience with the power of clothes to transform the wearer into whomever she wants to be. That lesson comes from my time in theatrical design…and the fact that I am petite and non-threatening but when I walked into court in a suit people magically listened to me.

My art is also filled with bright colors, happy creatures, and tasty things to eat. Despite my deep appreciation for artwork that reflects the darkness of the human spirit I often joke that if I tried to paint a monster it would just come out wearing a cute hat.

Now that I’ve made the transition back to art, I’m incredibly happy spending my days painting in my studio with my She-Ra action figure as my only coworker.